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Dispatch Center is more than a load board. We have a wide variety of benefits for all members of the auto shipping industry.



Our unique features manage the entire life-cycle of a shipment for you. Get customized load notifications, sneak peak future loads and book online.



We have created a seamless experience from start to finish. Quickly get your rate, receive a carrier assignment and get back to selling vehicles.



Easily post your vehicles to Dispatch Center and change the way you find carriers forever. Get real time access to driver location and inspection sheets.

Truckify Mobile App

Truckify is the premier app for auto transporters. It acts not only as a tool to manage loads, but also provides direct access to Dispatch Center's load board. Find loads, request loads within the app and use electronic inspection reports to streamline your customer transactions. You can even receive notifications of available loads near you as soon as they are posted.

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Final Piece to Many Puzzles

  • Customized and advanced search tools for Carriers to find loads
  • Easy load posting and API integrations available for Dealerships and Brokers to post loads
  • Automatic, call-less and paper-less load updates and inspection reports

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What Makes Us Unique

Route Scout

Route Scout will revolutionize the way you plan trips and select loads to move. Route Scout calculates the most profitable route with the least amount of driving miles included. You can run these calculations with not only Dispatch Center loads but also data from other load boards. Route Scout will build your route between your origin and destination and find the best paying loads in-between.

Fishing Pond

The Fishing Pond enables brokers to post their unconfirmed loads (quote requests) and carriers to submit the rate that they would like to move each load. The Fishing Pond helps ensure that all loads on our load board are real, booked loads. Separating "unconfirmed" from "booked" loads helps avoid frustration and confusion during the dispatching process. Say goodbye to the days of calling on a load only to find out that the broker doesn't actually have the load ready to ship.


Dispatch Center’s load notifications are called Loadifcations and differ from the load notifications available on order load boards. Traditionally, when searching for loads, you select an origin location and destination location and the results include only items that match your selected origin and destination criteria. Loadifcations include the traditional results along with loads in between the two locations. For example, a search of Michigan to Florida could include a load from Ohio to Tennessee. Be sure to update your routes within Dispatch Center for the best and most customized results.

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