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I’m Larry Llama the Car Shipping Guru. Maybe you have seen me on Auto Transport Intel's YouTube channel.

Every Tuesday, at 8pm CST, I am on Tuesday Nights Live, look for me in industry news and play along in the “Ask Larry” segment.

It’s time to finish setting up your Dispatch Center account and I am here to help. It won’t take long, so let’s get started.

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I would like to ask you 6 quick questions to help me learn a little bit more about your business.

For participating in this very brief questionnaire, and completing the Dispatch Center sign up process, I will buy you a SafeT Orange T-Shirt, just like mine from our apparel store.

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How many trucks are in your fleet?

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My truck capacity is:

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My trucks are:

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My truck(s) generally run around:

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Dealerships and Auctions make up:

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I do Full Truck Loads:

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"Dispatch Center is like the bumper rails in the bowling alley.
This is the load board technology that will help you survive."

Ty Thompson

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Loadifications are unique because they notify you of loads between your origin and destination, not just exact matches.
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